Ever see a modern opera about Quantum Physics? I didn't think so. When the director of this production came to me to create the look and feel for this opera I had a bit of research to do. Set in the 50's style kitchen of Mrs. Schrödinger (wife of theoretical physicist Erwin Schrödinger), her cake making is interrupted when her quantum QRX-3000 Refrigerator malfunctions, ripping a hole in space-time continuum. As beings start to materialize from other dimensions, she calls for the help of the Quantum Mechanic. I latched on to a 50's vibe with the logo typeface and created the film noir-esque image of the Quantum Mechanic approaching the aforementioned rogue refrigerator with his trusty atomic whisk (the structure of which reminded me of the electrons orbiting the nucleus so I combined the two). I unleashed my inner-nerd and created large-scale production design, science glossary and cast boards as well as wayfinding for the venue which was an actual working kitchen complete with a post-opera cooking demo. 
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